The Albino Monster

Drumset: Tama StarClassic Maples
Cymbals: Sabian
A 14" AAX Stage Hats
B 14" HHX Studio Crash
C 18" HHX Chinese
D Signature Max Stax (high)
E 18" HHX Studio Crash
F 7" Signature Max Splash
G 9" Signature Max Splash
H 18" AA Medium Thin Crash
I Signature Max Stax (mid w/Ice Bell upside-down on top)
J 20" HHX Chinese
K 22" Hand-Hammered Rock Ride
L 13" HHX Groove Hats
M Signature Max Stax (low)
N 22" Hand Hammered Rock Ride
O 11" Signature Max Splash
P 18" AAX Stage Crash
Q 19" Vault Crash
R 20" Hand-Hammered Chinese
S 28" Zodiac Gong

Hardware: Tama 1st Chair thrones, Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide Pedals and Hi-Hats. Slick Nut Fastener locks on all cymbals.

Sticks: Pro-Mark 420 model with nylon tip (Mike's signature stick).

Heads: Remo Clear Emperors on tops, Diplomats on bottoms. Coated Ambassadors with Black Dot on Snares. Power Stroke3 on Kicks. Pinstripe on 10" Tymp Tom.