These people all donate their valuable time and resources freely in order to bring you this web site and keep it running!

Mike Portnoy (of course!) - Creative input, details/updates and important info, 'Ask Mike' answers, Forum Input, and all around inspiration. Much of the info on this site is contributed directly from Mike.

Mike Brown (mabrown) - Webmaster. Mike is in charge of the server the site runs on, all content, site design, asp & .net coding, the Forum and the Portnoy Archives.

Rai Beardsley (Weymolith) - "Wey" is our Forum Moderator for the "General" room. He spends time keeping the peace and enforcing the rules to keep our message board the best!

Scott Hansen (Setlist Scotty) - Scotty maintains the enormous wealth of information in the MP FAQ. The FAQ contains answers to frequently asked questions directly related to this site, Mike, and his bands. If you're looking for an answer for anything around here, most likely it is there.

Stephen van Baalen (STEVETHEATER) - Steve created the graphic layout of the site. We held a contest in the forum to come up with a new look for the site and Steve knocked it out of the park with this design you're looking at now.

Last but not least, along with all of the other Dream Theater web sites, fanclubs, and mailing lists, this site has been empowered and supported by YOU the fans! You are all a symbol of the unity and inspiration that is making Dream Theater and these sites thrive, and you deserve a special thanks for your participation and contributions!