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 MP Twitter Q&A - Feb 2nd 2013

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MP Twitter Q&A - Feb 2nd 2013 Sunday, February 03, 2013 2:34 PM (permalink)

(in reverse chronological order):
  • “@Pepe108: Who created the 5/8 concept for Octavarium?” NOT TO TOOT MY OWN HORN, BUT THAT WHOLE CONCEPT WAS MINE..(sorry, it's the truth) about 18 hours ago
  • “@MaxIsAwesome307: @MikePortnoy Why do you tweet at your daughters cheer competition?” HAHAHAHAHA!!! SORRY BUDDY...OK, BACK TO YOU NOW. : ) about 19 hours ago
  • “@arthursantos_: @MikePortnoy The first idol that you've met” THE RAMONES!! ---> about 19 hours ago
  • “@RomeApart: @MikePortnoy How can I get an interview with you?” WE'RE DOING IT NOW about 19 hours ago
  • “@ayuaasd: @MikePortnoy How many musicians you've been working with?” I THINK 276 THIS MONTH SO FAR...(and its only Feb 2nd!) about 19 hours ago
  • “@chaszta: @MikePortnoy I just love this random Q&A rounds. Keeps me entertained while im shitting...” GLAD I CAN HELP MOVE YOU!!! : ) about 19 hours ago
  • “@MikeMcCombe: Could you please replace Lars in Metallica?” NOBODY COULD (or at least nobody should) EVER REPLACE LARS IN METALLICA about 19 hours ago
  • “@MatiGildenlow: @MikePortnoy you would have to b considered permanent drummer megadeth?” NOTHING IS PERMANENT! (Especially in Megadeth) : ) about 19 hours ago
  • “@scottd: @MikePortnoy When's the next Metal Masters show?” I HEARD POSSIBLY IN MAY...HOPE I CAN MAKE IT...IT KILLED ME TO MISS THE LAST ONE about 19 hours ago
  • “@IzzatDxn: @MikePortnoy your first drum idol?” RINGO, BONZO & MOON about 19 hours ago
  • “@AmaliaKeaner: @MikePortnoy Will you ever have short hair again??” I NEVER SAY NEVER, BUT PROBABLY NOT FOR A WHILE AGAIN about 19 hours ago
  • “@ProG_eorge: @MikePortnoy Have you thought make clinics around the world?” BEEN THERE, DONE THAT THROUGHOUT THE 90's...NO MORE about 19 hours ago
  • “@Hoffman2626: @MikePortnoy Wondering if you've ever heard The Color Spectrum and any thoughts on it?” OF COURSE!! WAS MY FAV OF 2011 about 19 hours ago
  • “@itsalexftw: @MikePortnoy also, who you rooting for tomorrow night in the Superbowl?” THE COMMERCIALS about 19 hours ago
  • “@UWonTakeMeAlive: @MikePortnoy Converse or Vans?” PRETTY MUCH ALL I WEAR ARE THOSE TWO! CHUCKS IN WINTER, VANS IN SUMMER! about 19 hours ago
  • “@thischke: @MikePortnoy Where does all your energy/enthusiasm come from?” YOU!!!! (THE FANS) about 19 hours ago
  • “@larissathe3rd: @mikeportnoy you need to do a song with @LZZYHALE, just sayin” UH...I DID!!!! ADRENALINE MOB'S COME UNDONE about 19 hours ago
  • “@SolidJoffre: @MikePortnoy ANSWER ME!!!! would you like to work with Mike Patton?¿?¿” WOULD **LOVE** TO!! HE'S ONE OF MY FAVS! THE MP'S!! about 19 hours ago
  • “@FernaPellino: @MikePortnoy why do u like work in so many projects ? Not better to concentrate in just one?" VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE! about 19 hours ago
  • “@_Hang_The_DJ: Giving up on harassing @MikePortnoy now okay bye” BYE!!! ; ) about 19 hours ago
  • “@johnbarta: @MikePortnoy I know you love ok computer, what about their other albums?” LOVE THE BENDS TOO..,BUT REALLY ONLY THOSE TWO about 19 hours ago
  • “@devoidzer0: @MikePortnoy will Score ever be released on Blu-ray?” I HOPE SO...SADLY, I HAVE NO SAY IN THOSE THINGS ANYMORE...SORRY about 19 hours ago
  • “@PauloPenante: @MikePortnoy i want to see a show of AMOB in Brazil, man!!” ME TOO!!! about 19 hours ago
  • “@Euronymousa91: @MikePortnoy You are answering to all my friends except me and I feel marginalized :(” ASK A GOOD Q!!! about 19 hours ago
  • “@somebigokazyons: @MikePortnoy You never answer my questions. : ( Come to Turkey and i'll forgive you.” I HOPE SO AGAIN SOON!! about 19 hours ago
  • “@Sawyer666: @MikePortnoy Favorite comedian?” LOUIS CK, RICKY GERVAIS, SARAH SILVERMAN about 19 hours ago
  • “@alexofsweden: @MikePortnoy do you still have tge WDADU drum kit?” SURE DO!! about 19 hours ago
  • “@d_rogn: @MikePortnoy Would you consider doing a Pink Floyd tribute band?” I GOT THAT OUTTA MY SYSTEM W DT..2 FULL CDS OF COVERS! about 19 hours ago
  • “@Pepe108: @MikePortnoy do you think Cedric should have given a break to Omar?” HMMM...SOUNDS FAMILIAR!!! : ) about 19 hours ago
  • “@FranTeruelPerez: @MikePortnoy What do you think about Daniel Gildenlow?” ELTON WROTE A SONG ABOUT HIM FOR ME: "DANIEL MY BROTHER!!" about 19 hours ago
  • “@iraman0: @MikePortnoy I WANT YOU IN A7X!!!!!!!!” THAT SHIP SAILED...WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED...HOPE YOU CAUGHT A SHOW! about 19 hours ago
  • “@arthursantos_: @MikePortnoy Is Neil Peart a friendly person?” HE'S AN INCREDIBLY FRIENDLY AND GRACIOUS HUMAN BEING ONCE HE KNOWS YOU about 19 hours ago
  • “@SOfannBLS: @MikePortnoy If you could drum for ANY band/singer, who'd you choose?” ROGER WATERS, PAUL MCCARTNEY, PETE TOWNSHEND, JIMMY PAGE about 19 hours ago
  • “@RyanTheDrummer_: @MikePortnoy WHAT IF I TYPE THE QUESTION IN CAPS?” I WON'T ANSWER...OH SHIT, I JUST DID! about 19 hours ago
  • “@emilyp3nguin: @MikePortnoy all the capslock hurts my brain!” sorry..... about 19 hours ago
  • “@smurban23: @MikePortnoy any new albums your lookin forward to hear?” I HAVE LOTS OF ALBUMS IM LOOKING FORWARD FOR **YOU** TO HEAR!!!! about 19 hours ago
  • “@jesspuncher: @MikePortnoy Why do you write in caps lock? To give emphasis?” TO MAKE EASIER READING...TO SEPARATE THE Q FROM THE A about 19 hours ago
  • “@devoidzer0: @MikePortnoy is Roine Stolt talkative?” NOT IN PERSON...BUT HIS EMAILS ARE MINI-NOVELS!! : ) (Luv ya Roine!) about 19 hours ago
  • “@devoidzer0: @MikePortnoy favorite thing to order at Taco Bell?” LOVIN THE DORITOS LOCO SUPREME about 19 hours ago
  • “@stephena57: @MikePortnoy what' s up with the project with John Sykes” DEAD AS A DOORNAIL UNFORTUNATELY...HARD TO GET JOHN TO WORK about 19 hours ago
  • “@glfernan: @MikePortnoy news on the sheehan/kotzen project?” ALBUM ALMOST DONE BEING MIXED BY JAY RUSTON...LIKELY OUT IN MAY about 19 hours ago
  • “@MKaipio: @MikePortnoy Best thing about being a drummer?” SITTING!!!! about 19 hours ago
  • “@eb_Edu: @MikePortnoy have new adrenaline mob album this year? congratulations on the job” AN AWESOME COVERS EP ON 3/2 about 19 hours ago
  • “@TheGoatweed: @MikePortnoy hey Mike, are you playing in NYC anytime soon? Looking forward to hearing more from you in 2013!” YES AMOB 3/13 about 19 hours ago
  • “@mp_scanavachi: @MikePortnoy Where's Albino Monster? Does it exist yet???” IN MY DRUM STORAGE W A DOZEN OTHER KITS! about 19 hours ago
  • “@RexKramer_DS: @MikePortnoy Any new projects on the horizon for this new year?” HAHAHA...YOU'RE KIDDING RIGHT??? about 19 hours ago
  • “@plague_hey: @MikePortnoy always giving their best for the fans. This is our Mike <3” THANK YOU!!! THAT'S ME. : )about 19 hours ago
  • “@devoidzer0: @MikePortnoy what kind of car do you drive?” BLACK MUSTANG GT CONVERTABLE about 19 hours ago
  • “@spencerdunnings: @MikePortnoy do you still buy CD's or do you download music?” BOTH!' about 19 hours ago
  • “@Skitzo316: @MikePortnoy Could an AMob @FOZZYROCK tour happen?” I'VE DISCUSSED IT W CHRIS...WOULD LOVE TO! TIME WILL TELL... about 19 hours ago
  • “@Tdilossi: @MikePortnoy how do you put up with such opinionated people shit talking you? You're awesome!” NOT EASY CAUSE I CARE TOO MUCH about 19 hours ago
  • “@sirextreme15: @MikePortnoy come to brazil” OK, GOOD IDEA!!! about 19 hours ago
  • “@DanyVickry: @MikePortnoy follow me back please !! 31” SORRY...ONLY FOLLOW FRIENDS OR PEOPLE I AM A FAN OF about 19 hours ago
  • “@MIVenuto: @MikePortnoy Still waiting lmfaoo. How old were u when u first learned how to play drums?” IM STILL LEARNING!!! about 19 hours ago
  • “@edaisson: @MikePortnoy "The truth is the truth, all you can do is live with it." Did u come up w/ that?” NOPE COREY TAYLOR DID about 19 hours ago
  • “@Electric_Pixie: @MikePortnoy Are you coming to Sweden soon? :)” YEP!! STOCKHOLM AND MALMO IN A FEW WEEKS W NEAL MORSE about 19 hours ago
  • “@Tyler_Reese07: @MikePortnoy my wife is coaching a cheerleading comp today in Hershey PA. That the one your at?” YEP!! IM IN SEC 23 4th ROW about 19 hours ago
  • “@dave_rock_star: @MikePortnoy @43mocha Mike gets thousands of tweets per day. He can't reply to all of them.” THANK YOU!!!!! : ) about 19 hours ago
  • “@FedeMorales01: @MikePortnoy Do you like Glenn Hughes' new project "Black Country Communion"?” OF COURSE!!! LOVE ALL 3 ALBUMS about 19 hours ago
  • “@xCauterize: @MikePortnoy Are you going to the golden gods this year?” PROBABLY NOT...SUPPOSED TO BE TOURING W AMOB AT THAT TIME about 19 hours ago
  • “@Fiensh: How's the cheerleading competition so far?" BEEN HERE SINCE NOON...MELODY'S SQUAD WENT TO SEMI FINALS AND NOW WAITING FOR FINALS about 19 hours ago
  • “@Chernominomano: @MikePortnoy Are you coming to Brazil soon?” HOPING FOR JUNE...WE'LL SEE IF IT PANS OUT... about 19 hours ago
  • “@Kevin_Bongers: @MikePortnoy already picked the encore for the NM/FK shows??” YEP!! GONNA BE EPIC!! about 19 hours ago
  • “@sinan_810: just want to say thx for creating the band that brought a lifetime of joy. I'll never forget what you did for DT.” NEVER FORGET about 19 hours ago
  • “@Wookiee__: @MikePortnoy what band u listening the most atm?” GOJIRA & DEFTONES about 19 hours ago
  • “@BrianMailey: @MikePortnoy ANy chance of YMC in Europe Mike ???” WOULD **LOVE** TO DO THAT!! ESPECIALLY IN LIVERPOOL AND HAMBURG about 19 hours ago
  • “@alfredovichskov: @MikePortnoy ANSWER YOU BASTARD would you do a clinic in venezuela??” NO...I STOPPED DOING CLINICS 10 YRS AGO! (Bastard) about 19 hours ago
  • “@ApoloSolares: @MikePortnoy Any plans to do another disc with Transatlantic?” WE HOPE SO...WAITING FOR SCHEDULES TO ALIGN about 19 hours ago
  • “@MemphisBraces: @MikePortnoy Favorite underrated Pink Floyd album? Meddle or The Final Cut?” MEDDLE OR BETTER YET: ATOM HEART MOTHER about 19 hours ago
  • “@gilsan: @MikePortnoy any plan for another tribute band?” PAUL GILBERT AND I HAVE DISCUSSED IT...JUST NEED SOME AVAILABLE TIME TO DO IT about 19 hours ago
  • “@_ssaurus: @MikePortnoy It's not a question. I just wanted to say Thank you for being awesome.” THANK ***YOU*** FOR BEING AWESOME TOO! about 19 hours ago
  • “@Don_Sifon: @MikePortnoy did you use these massive kits before having a drum tech?” THERE WAS NO "BEFORE HAVING A DRUM TECH" ALWAYS HAD ONE about 19 hours ago
  • “@GHaniotakis: @MikePortnoy what are the news from A.Mob??” COVERS EP OUT ON MARCH 12...SAME DAY US CLUB TOUR BEGINS about 19 hours ago
  • “@jeremyb1116: @MikePortnoy coolest person you've ever jammed with?” QUITE POSSIBLY BUMBLEFOOT THIS PAST WEEK! THE MAN'S A BADASS about 19 hours ago
  • “@MikeLikesGuitar: @MikePortnoy Any plans to head over to the UK with any of your projects?” I AM PLAYING LONDON & WOLVERHAMPTON NEXT MONTH! about 19 hours ago
  • “@Thunderhusk: @MikePortnoy do they pay you to be that handsome?” NOT ENOUGH!!! about 19 hours ago
  • “@zephead007: @MikePortnoy Favorite zeppelin album” TOUGH ONE,..PROBABLY EITHER PHYSICAL GRAFFITI OR HOUSES OF THE HOLY about 19 hours ago
  • “@Saaaaw: @MikePortnoy will you do a signing when you come to Paris in March?” YES, WITH THE NM/TFK VIP PACKAGES about 19 hours ago
  • “@OzzEscudero: @MikePortnoy Will you use again your double kits?” SURELY POSSIBLE...NEEDS TO BE FOR AN APPROPRIATE BAND & SITUATION about 19 hours ago
  • “@pacopoya: @MikePortnoy any news of the Flying Colors DVD??” WORKIN ON IT NOW, SLOWLY COMIN TOGETHER..FOOTAGE LOOKS AMAZING!! NEWS SOON... about 19 hours ago
  • OK gang, I'm at Melody's cheerleading comp and have an hour before the finals begin...Q&A time! Keep the Q's brief so I can quote em in my A about 19 hours ago  

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      Re:MP Twitter Q&A - Feb 2nd 2013 Sunday, February 03, 2013 3:40 PM (permalink)
      These always so much fun to read. One day I will participate in these Q&A sessions. 
      Sing to me, raven
      I miss her so much


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        Re:MP Twitter Q&A - Feb 2nd 2013 Sunday, February 03, 2013 10:56 PM (permalink)

        “@Tyler_Reese07: @MikePortnoy my wife is coaching a cheerleading comp today in Hershey PA. That the one your at?” YEP!! IM IN SEC 23 4th ROW

        How freaking cool is this. And it sounds like the guy went and met up with Mike.

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          Re:MP Twitter Q&A - Feb 2nd 2013 Sunday, February 03, 2013 11:06 PM (permalink)
          Very amusing. Thanks, Mike.

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            Re:MP Twitter Q&A - Feb 2nd 2013 Monday, February 04, 2013 12:23 AM (permalink)
            thanks mike
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