Dream Theater Tourography

Train of Thought - One Off Italian Shows
7/5/2004  Florence, Italy
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Venue:  Piazzale Michelangelo
Other Act(s):  Empty Tremor and Vision Divine
Set List:  
   1.  As I Am
2.  This Dying Soul
3.  Caught in a Web
4.  Peruvian Skies
5.  War Inside My Head
6.  The Test That Stumped Them All
7.  Endless Sacrifice
8.  Another Day
9.  Afterlife
10.  Vacant
11.  Stream of Consciousness
12.  The Spirit Carries On
13.  Pull Me Under
A Change of Seasons:
14.  I The Crimson Sunrise
15.  II Innocence
16.  III Carpe Diem
17.  IV The Darkest of Winters
18.  V Another World
19.  VI The Inevitable Summer
20.  VII The Crimson Sunset
Vocals: James LaBrie
Guitar: John Petrucci
Keyboards: Jordan Rudess
Bass: John Myung
Drums: Mike Portnoy
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