Dream Theater Tourography

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6/9/1990  Bayshore, Long Island, NY
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Venue:  Sundance
Other Act(s):  Marillion headlined and Heavy Rain opened
Set List:  
   1.  Creep With Tonality/
2.  Ytsejam (w/ drum solo)
3.  A Change of Seasons (original version)
~~~Steve Stone introduced~~~
4.  Metropolis Part I
5.  A Fortune in Lies
6.  The Killing Hand
Vocals: Steve Stone
Guitar: John Petrucci
Keyboards: Kevin Moore
Bass: John Myung
Drums: Mike Portnoy
Notes:   The first three tracks were instrumental. At that point Mike introduced Steve Stone, who sang the remaining 3 songs. Steve was fired after this show due to his poor performance. Creep With Tonality was the working title for Learning to Live.
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