Dream Theater Tourography

Music in Progress - 2nd European Leg
11/25/1993  Bradford, England
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Venue:  Queen's Hall
Other Act(s):  Damn the Machine opened
Set List:  
   1.  Metropolis Part I/
2.  Mission: Impossible/
3.  Afterlife
4.  Under a Glass Moon
5.  Wait for Sleep/
6.  Surrounded
7.  Ytsejam (w/ drum solo including samples)
8.  Puppies on Acid/
9.  Take the Time
10.  To Live Forever (w/ Within You Without You (Beatles))
11.  Barfbag
12.  Another Day
13.  Only a Matter of Time/
14.  March of the Tyrant (outro only)
15.  Pull Me Under
16.  Eve
17.  Learning to Live
Twin Peaks (outro tape)
Vocals: James LaBrie
Guitar: John Petrucci
Keyboards: Kevin Moore
Bass: John Myung
Drums: Mike Portnoy
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